Dear friends!

I would like to draw your attention to some of the motivations underlying my work. The experience I gained during many years as Art Director in the movie business has left a considerable impact on my painting. This has led me to work quite a lot in the literary conception of films. Hence, I learnt to invent a tale, i.e. to imagine each time a short, emotional and powerful story, concentrating most of the ideas I wished to express in my painting.

Such a story is nearly always a mini-scenario or a mini-film in a different material form, a static form. Only the thinking, the main idea is moving, allowing for different forms of interpretation.

Sometimes these various forms in which I realize my paintings are dictated by the subject of my painting, requiring different styles of creation. It is therefore possible to explain the unlikeness of the various pieces of my work. This process is quite complicated, but to see things in a cinematographic way, allows me to watch passing by the whole story and all the pictures of the film, and to express it only afterwards on a canvas. Thus, I can explain my propensity to stage a play in my paintings as well as my passion for the stage where you can see the stories of human relations as old as the world: love, jealousy, crime and passion. It is not pure philosophy, all this is only the mirror of the surrounding world.

The mirror of the soul

Eugene Vinitski

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